FAME's Impact

Tell-A-FriendSince 1987, FAME has advanced its mission to foster and perpetuate creativity through multicultural arts education by providing enriching programs to area schools and children. FAME programs bring visiting artists directly to over 107 schools and provide many opportunities for students to showcase their talent in our community. As school budgets are impacted by our current economy and as our community continues to grow in diversity, programs like FAME are more important than ever.

"I truly believe that young students need fine arts education in school to help shape them into caring and creative adults in life.  Nothing compares to that light bulb moment of mastering a first piano solo or creating a first masterpiece on canvas.  FAME is a true gem in Northeast Indiana that plants the seeds for those moments.  As a parent whose son's first grade artwork was chosen to be displayed at the festival years ago, the pride we felt is something our family will always treasure.  That artwork hangs in our kitchen, to this day!  May FAME's future thrive, forever." - Linda Jackson, Evening Anchor, Indiana’s News Center

Since its inception in 1987, we have reached close to 3,200,000 people with our FAME arts programs. We have 261 members of fine arts specialists, educators and principals teaching in the 107  k-8 member schools in 40 Northern Indiana counties. FAME has 3 Regional Festivals with over 17,000 students, families and visitors participating at the FAME Northeast Festival at the Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

During 2009/2010 FAME’s accomplishments included the following:
  • Enrolled 176 FAME Student Artists from 63 schools for 2 weeks of Summer Arts Camp,
  • Distributed  $29,000 in scholarships of to students of Summer Arts Camp,
  • Engaged 39 Visiting Artists from Germany, Poland and Japan who performed for 73 schools,
  • Enrolled 37 Schools that participated in Fusion of Concert Colors and 30 Student Composers from 25 Schools,
  • Distributed to 42 schools the arts newspaper - Fabulous FAME Flyers,
  • Held 9 Student Art Exhibits,
Created the year’s programmatic Cultural Focus  -  “Fort Wayne’s Sister Cities – Gera, Germany; Plock, Poland; Takaoka, Japan.”

FAME has truly been an organization to bring our community and its children together in celebration of the arts, culture, and diversity. We look forward to reaching even more of our community throughout our future. Thank you to all who have been part of making FAME a success with your hard work, dedication and financial support. FAME is where it is today because of you.