For Parents


Your role as a parent in your child’s artistic and academic development can sometimes be overwhelming.  FAME wants to help you with that task.
Importance of the Arts
Did you know that children involved in the arts score higher in academic achievement tests than children not involved in the arts?  Here’s some helpful information that will explain that further. 

Here’s some helpful information to get your child involved in the arts.
Things to Do With Your Children
Here are some activities you can do with your children to help awaken the creator within!

  • Be an active supporter of your school’s art, drama and music programs
  • Take your family to a local arts events at least once a month:
  • Fort Wayne Philharmonic (children are free)
  • Fort Wayne Civic Theatre
  • Fort Wayne Dance Collective
  • Fort Wayne Community Band
  • Old Crown Brass Band
  • Cinema Center
  • Fort Wayne Youth Theatre
  • Fort Wayne Ballet and Youth Ballet Company
  • Voices of Unity Concert
  • Fort Wayne Children’s Choir
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art
  • Volunteer for a FAME program that creatively speaks to you. Play with us. Smile.

Informative and Fun Videos 
Check out these videos and websites
 !  There’s everything from Bobby McFerrin demonstrating music and the brain to fun activities with your children to surprise public performances on subways, markets and across the world.  You’re sure to enjoy them over and over again!
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