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Why the arts are important
"The arts are ... important to American students gaining the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in higher education and the global marketplace – skills that increasingly demand creativity, perseverance, and problem solving combined with performing well as part of a team.”
Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education
The benefits of exposing students to the arts are well documented.  In 1997, the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies published the results of a national arts study in which the following was discovered:
  • Students in 8th and 10th grade with "high involvement" in the arts, in and out of class, consistently outscored those with low exposure to the arts in standardized test scores, English grades, and other subjects.
  • Students with high arts exposure were also less likely to drop out of school.  
Of the seven recognized forms of learning, words and numbers are only two of them. The other five are movement, sounds, images, objects, and spaces, all of which are provided through the arts. Students who learn through the other five forms of learning are being left underserved.
As school districts across Indiana and the nation continue to cut funding to the arts, teachers cannot provide many arts experiences to children in school. FAME provides these experiences both in and out of school settings. FAME also works with member teachers to help them integrate arts experiences into the classroom.
Many programs exist to provide at-risk children with positive after school activities with special opportunities to participate in sports. FAME is one of the few programs that serve children through the arts. It serves children who are talented in the arts and actively fosters the creativity of ALL children.
Because of the positive influence of the arts on student retention and academic achievement of all children, it is important that we be good stewards of arts in education, especially now with the shift in focus and subsequent funding for the arts endangered in our schools. 
For more scholarly information read, “Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement.”
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Attend an event
FAME has many events during the year, for example:
  • Art exhibits at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art from FAME’s Fusion of Concert Colors art program
  • Music/art and visiting artists at FAME’s regional festivals
  • World premier composition performance at the Grand Wayne Center from FAME’s Composition Project program.  The Fort Wayne Philharmonic and the Fort Wayne Ballet Youth Company collaborate in this live performance.
View the FAME calendar of events.
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To provide teachers with resources, joining FAME would bring low-cost resources and tools to supplement art and music in schools, helping children receive a well rounded arts and music education.  Join FAME as a teacher and/or a supporter.