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Tell-A-Friend“This is a historic time for education in our nation. The release of the National Standards for Arts Education has signaled the beginning of an educational renaissance in this country, one that includes music and all of the arts as equal partners in education and education reform with the other core subjects. The President and I were committed to see that the arts were included in the National Education Goals, and with the passage of Goals 2000, the arts are codified into federal law as a core subject."
“Each and every one of you must play a pivotal role as we work toward the implementation of the Standards. As the great congressman Tip O'Neil said, ‘All politics are local.’ Well, the same is true of education. Each of you are from somewhere, some community. You must go back to your communities and become advocates for the arts standards. You must galvanize your community to work to achieve their implementation."
“So, to all members of the music community, I pass the torch to you—the torch of these Standards that burns so bright with promise. Take good care of them. Cherish them. Do your best to spread the glow from this flame so it will warm the hearts and brighten the minds of millions of children for generations to come."
“You see, their future is in your hands.”
—U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley
January 21, 1993 – January 20, 2001 term of service
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