Creative Writing

Goodbye camp perfect world
The worst thing to do is to say goodbye.
In fact sometimes I’d rather die
I’ll miss the way the wind blows
and the chirping birds and the tall trees too.
It seems as though my days were few,
the feeling of goodbye seems totally new.
So this is goodbye to the perfect world for me and you.
The fires crackling. the constant crackling are what I’ll miss most of all,
I guess it’s time for the world to fall.
It’s time to say goodbye and I’ll try to stand tall.

Grade 5
You will forget this poem.
It won’t stay with you long.
Just as one forgets the date
Or the lyrics to a song

But I know you won’t forget me
That’s what this place is all about
And I KNOW I won’t forget you
Of that, I have no doubt

I can’t forget my friends
I hold you far too dear
My friends, they make me smile
They help hold back the tears

I’ll have to leave you soon
Alone now I must shine,
But remember Santiago
As the one who stalled for Time