FAME's Privacy Policy


• FAME may collect your email/mailing address and other information from variety of sources such as but not restricted to  FAME membership application, event registrations, volunteer lists, correspondences, thestore.famearts.org and email/mailing list sharing with Arts United and non-profit entities associated with Arts United.

• FAME may use your email/mailing address on the various FAME email/mailing lists for announcements, events, newsletter, information and promotional material.

 • FAME will not sell email/mailing lists to commercial or non-profit entities or to individuals.

 • FAME may share email/mailing lists which may include your email address with Arts United or other non-profit entities associated with Arts United. FAME is not responsible for how the other organizations will use or protect the email/mailing lists.

 • In event you do not wish to be on FAME's email/mailing lists, you may go to Opt Out/Unsubscribe.  This will remove you email/mailing address from FAME's  lists.  FAME may continue to use your email/mailing address for private or business communications with you.  If you do not wish for FAME to use your email/mailing address for any communications, please state this in the Opt Out/Unsubscribe comment section.