FAMES Joins Arts United

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FAME along with the Unity Performing Arts Foundation joins Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne as partners!  This is the first time in ten years since Arts United has accepted new partners in its organization.  We are honored to join the nation's third oldest non-profit art fund!

WANE-TV Video of the event.

"T" Irmscher, Executive Director of FAME and Marshall White, Director/Life Coach, Voices of Unity Choir

Full Text of the Arts United press release:

Arts United announces the addition of two new principal partner organizations.

Unity Performing Arts Foundation and FAME to expand their role under the Arts United Umbrella.

Fort Wayne, November 9, 2012: Arts United is proud to announce that two new organizations, Unity Performing Arts Foundation (UPAF) and FAME (Foundation for Art and Music Education), have been invited to join the Arts United Umbrella as provisional principal partners. Principal partners are seen as the foundation for our cultural community through their mission, work and impact, and have shown sustainability through operations of at least ten years. Prior to being named as principal partners, both FAME and UPAF were members of the Regional Arts Advocates, an arts council managed by Arts United, and have received program grants from Arts United. 

“The addition of FAME and UPAF to our group of principal partners strengthens our support for arts education and diversity of cultural experiences in our community” said Jim Sparrow, executive director of Arts United.

 Arts United currently has 10 principal partners: ARCH, Artlink, Fort Wayne Ballet, Fort Wayne Cinema Center, Fort Wayne Civic Theatre, Fort Wayne Dance Collective, the History Center, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne Philharmonic and Fort Wayne Youtheatre. Funding for the initial two-year operating support grants for the two new provisional groups is made possible through the generous support of two Angel Donors, Sweetwater Sound and the Knight Foundation.

 Arts United funding for its principal partners comes largely from the success of the annual federated fund drive for the arts. Along with its support of these principal partners, Arts United is engaged with and supportive of over 60 partnerships and initiatives through project grants, special funding, planning and services throughout Northeast Indiana.

 Established in 1955, Arts United is the third oldest nonprofit united arts fund in the United States and the second largest arts council in the State of Indiana. Arts United’s mission is to develop, coordinate and support arts and cultural efforts in northeast Indiana. To learn more about arts United, visit www.artsunited.org.