Culture Kits

Tell-A-FriendFAME culture kits contain a variety of curriculum materials, including lesson plans, posters, video tapes, music CDs and cassettes, books, maps, cultural artifacts, games, folk tales, and musical instruments from cultures all around the world. The kits may be borrowed, for up to three weeks, by teachers who are FAME members. Currently, 17 different World Culture Kits are available from our Library.
19 Arts Culture Regions represented in our library include:
  • African-American Arts
  • American Folk
  • Earth in Harmony

  • East Asia

  • East Central and South Africa

  • Central Europe& Balkan States

  • Caribbean America & Mexico

  • Former Soviet Union & Eurasia
  • Fort Wayne’s Sister Cities from Germany, Poland and Japan

  • Indiana Arts
  • Middle East & North Africa

  • Northwest Europe

  • North America
  • Native American

  • Oceania
  • South America

  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia

  • Southwest Europe

  • West Africa
Contact FAME office for more information and/or reserving your culture kits at: (260) 247-7325 or email
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"Understand and appreciate diverse cultures through experiences with indigenous art forms"