Fabulous FAME Flyer


FAME offers a FREE 12-page educational activity booklet with fun art, music projects and folktale scripts for classroom students, highlighting FAME’s current year, arts cultural study. FAME members order the educational booklets for their 3rd thru 8th classroom students at no charge, and they will be delivered free to your classroom for your students to take home.
The Fort Wayne Newspaper “Newspapers in Education Program” has partnered with FAME to make this educational booklet possible. 

 Click here  to see view the Silver Anniversary Fabulous FAME Flyer. Click here for the expanded the center section of the flyer.

To view the last year's Fabulous FAME Flyer click here.
For more information on deadline dates and how to order click here.  You may also email FAME at info@famearts.org  or call the FAME office at (260) 481-0545.
You must be a professional FAME member to participate in this program.

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