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Several Northeast Indiana area Fourth Grade FAMEous Student Composers collaborate with FAME’s Composer-In-Residence, David Crowe to create a music composition to be premiered by The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Symphony and Youth Concert Orchestra and the Fort Wayne Ballet Youth Company, at the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Celebration Of Youth Concert, at the FAME Northeast Festival. During music composition and “composium” sessions, the FAMEous Composers compose, notate, and orchestrate their very own musical signature compositions, then creatively collaborate with Mr. Crowe about how their musical ideas are to be orchestrated into a project composition. Mr. Crowe then, orchestrates the student composers’ musical ideas into a symphonic piece themed in conjunction with FAME’s yearly cultural focus.
In an ongoing collaboration between FAME, THE PHIL, and The Fort Wayne Ballet, the composition’s presentation is enhanced with choreographed dance movements performed by the Fort Wayne Ballet Youth Company dancers. Alexis Ingram, Youth Company Director conducts a creative movement session with the FAMEous Composers to communicate how their musical ideas for the composition will impact and inspire dance movements created for the project, The FAMEous Composers then meet with the Youth Company dancers for a pre-premiere presentation to view and interpret the creative dance ideas for the project composition and engage in a collaborative exchange of creative reflections about their visual, kinesthetic, and cultural meanings.
Prior to the composition’s premiere, Mr. Crowe conducts a final “composium” session with the FAMEous Composers to analyze their musical ideas in the project composition. The project culminates with a pre-concert rehearsal and the composition’s premiere performance at the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Celebration of Youth Concert, at the FAME Northeast Festival.
During the project, the FAMEous Composers access a project portfolio and project blog site at: to complete various reflection assignments to help stimulate creative input and facilitate feedback for assessment during the music composition, rehearsal, and performance process.
This intensive group project involves NE Indiana fourth grade students (nominated by their music teachers) studying over an extended period with the FAME Composition Project Director and FAME Composer-In-Residence to create a signature composition. The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Symphony and Youth Concert Orchestra performs a world premiere of the composition at the annual Fort Wayne FAME Festival. The children also study with the director of the Fort Wayne Ballet Youth Company to create original choreography for the company to perform at the premiere. The young composers are honored guests at the concert. Each student receives a score of the music with his/her contribution highlighted. This project meets education standards of MENC: The National Association for Music Education.

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