Fine Arts Camp

Tell-A-Friend“Being a counselor at FAME camp has been the best week for me. Just to experience the amount of talent that the children have was so amazing. The kids are so talented and they had an awesome time sharing their gifts with everyone. I learned how to play the guitar this week, and if it was not for FAME week this would not have been possible. Camp is a place were not only kids, but adults, can truly be themselves.” - Marco (counselor)
“It was really fun to make sculptures and paint. We also got to sing, dance, and play our instruments. It was great! I really liked doing Art Attack! Thanks for supporting us with supplies!”- Jacob (11)
“I want to share the joy my new friends and I have partaken in. Your support will make kids more likely to find and follow their dreams.”- Joey (14)
“My favorite part of camp was talent sharing. It amazed me how talented young people can be! All the support of FAME supporters and counselors is greatly appreciated. And I never knew it could be so fun to be green!”- Noel (13)
“At camp I made so many new friends that are the greatest people (along with the counselors) that I could ever meet. Camp is so uberly fun; it’s way past awesome! It’s an oasis for talent and creativity.”- Mark
“I learned that people from England think my chin is beautiful…HA! I also learned how to get back at the boys cabin after they scared us. We sprayed all of our perfume in their cabin. Haha! I also learned that getting up in front of people and performing is not as bad as people say. And best of all, when you act as a friend others with act the same. I will miss all the great friends I made this week. Thank you for such a great experience.”- Kailin (13)
“This was my second year. It was just as good as last year; only the counselors were a little coo-coo, but I love coo-coo counselors. They helped me think outside the box.”- Samantha (10)
“I took Exploring Drama, Recycled Art Sculptures, and Advanced Hip Hop. The art sculptures were my favorite because you can make so many different things out of what you have. Hip Hop was fun too and inspired me so much. This year had to have had the best talent show week ever. There was an eight year old boy that sang so well I wanted to cry. Almost everyone here is going to be something someday. I love this camp so much and I wish I could go here forever.”- Taylor (13)
“It was an amazing feeling for me to be able to get up on the stage and sing for everybody. I’ve never sang in front of an audience before, and FAME camp really gave me a chance to break out of my shell and get over my stage fright. Thank you for making this fantastic week at FAME camp possible!”- Monica (13)
“Every night after dinner we had talent sharing. Everyone could share their talents. Some kids sang or danced. Other kids shared their artwork or performed a funny skit. Everyone just cheered them on. It was so cool to see all the talent there was in one camp.”- Corinne (12)
“This is my favorite place to be in the summer. Next year I am 100% coming back! Thank you for a GREAT week at camp!”- Esther (12)
“The thing I loved the most was the dances we got to learn. I also loved the awesome instruments. I really, really loved riding a horse. I always wanted to ride one, and now you’ve made my dream come true.”- Destiny (12)
“We so appreciate you and all the talent you bring to share with young people and the recognition you give to the young to inspire and grow. We thank your sponsors for helping our sons to be able to attend camp. What a blessing. Thank you.”- Jay and Kristine Straub (parents)
“We were a bit worried about Kwee, since she was the only girl, but she had a great time and made many new friends. She loved the staff! One of her roommates asked her if she’d be back next year and she said she would. Thanks again for all your help in making this happen.”- Brenda Warren (teacher)
“Thank you for letting me have a second year here at FAME camp. Each time is a lifetime experience. I hope I can come back for FAME camp 2010!” - Kaia (11)
“FAME Camp has been an extraordinary experience for me. I was free to be creative. No one was holding me back from what I love to do. Beth inspired me when she said that this was our week. It was our time to shine bright as the stars. I was set free. Free to create, sing, play, act and show everyone the real me. I didn’t have to put on a mask here. I got to be ME. And that’s what FAME Camp gives you – Freedom. Something you can’t find at home or other camps. The teachers really taught me well and showed genuine interest in their students. I can’t stand to go home where I know I won’t have this freedom to express myself. I’m glad I can go back to my school and use all the stuff I’ve learned in my music classes. Thanks to you all for teaching me and making my week the best it could possibly be!”- 2007 FAME Camper (13)

Thank you for assisting to provide this opportunity to Dotti. She had a wonderful time! As I had mentioned in the application process, Dotti has a heart for art. This camp provided an opportunity for her to showcase a beautiful chalk picture she had made of the sunset. (It is likely the piece of artwork you have at your office.) She was also able to connect with other kids who have the same passion for art.
Although it came as quite a surprise to me, Dotti came home excited about drama. I had no idea she would like plays or I would have put her in our local youth theater, or something. She always liked drawing and arts and crafts but DRAMA?!? What a surprise! When she came home all she could talk about was "Gabbie". Gabbie apparently was a girl she met at camp who participated in a few productions they put on...including Beauty and the Beast, and one other. She said Gabbie made everyone laugh when she performed and it was just AWESOME. She even said Gabbie left camp one day for an audition for a "real" play. I have no idea who Gabbie is, but I am so glad Dotti had this opportunity to meet her and find a new passion she didn't know she had before... drama.
Since she has been home, she has been trying to mimic characters in several TV shows and asks the rest of the family to guess who she is impersonating. I can see acting lessons in her near future! :)
The cost of the camp is a lot, which is why your assistance is so important. I hope you continue to support this camp and future campers with your scholarships because it is difficult to measure the positive impact of this camp. Although when I asked Dotti what she liked best about the camp she talked about the mud hike, she sang the camp songs, making the "prints", and she even told me she was taught a few chords on a guitar (ALSO NEW AND EXCITING) ...but in the end it is the drama that she continues to talk about.
I believe the real value of this camp is safe environment they provide to allow the campers to explore the many areas of creative expression.
Thank you again for assisting Dotti in this opportunity!- Yvonne
I just want to tell you and the donors that this camp has changed Justice (my daughter), for the good.  Before the camp, she was so excited about singing and dancing but her anxiety and self esteem held her back from really performing.  Justice could not even spend the night at her grandma’s house because her anxiety was so high.  Her counselor at camp said she had 2 bad nights but since she was so busy and had so much fun, she was able to get through the week without stress.  She is asking all the time if she can attend next year.  She is also able to spend the night with her grandma and friends now.  She also puts on weekly performances for family members and is practicing for her play for choir “Noah’s Ark”.  Again, I just want to say thank you for allowing Justice this opportunity as it has really changed her and my life greatly for the better.- Jessica
FAME camp was an awesome experience for me because I have made many new friends. I learned many new things that I could never learn anywhere else besides FAME camp. FAME camp gave me so many new memories for me to have forever, things like talent shows, camp fire time, pottery, origami, and paper cutting. I liked being with new kids who liked the same things that I did. I look forward going back to FAME next year.
As Justin's mom, this camp was a huge growing point for him.  This was his first experience being away from home for any length of time and was apprehensive at first but also excited to try camp.  How they can grow up in one week is absolutely amazing to me.  He was not at all ready for it to be over.  Both of my boys had the opportunity to attend FAME Camp and both brought back with them so many "new" experiences only FAME Camp could offer.  The opportunity for them to show their talent and art interests is incredible and the counselors at this camp are definitely the best out there!!  We cannot speak highly enough of this fabulous camp.- Justin & Mom
I, and my daughters love the FAME's Art program. I personally as a single mother appreciate that there are programs out there that my daughters can be involved in that will help me with the cost of going. We really like the FAME program because they get the chance to express themselves in ways that I myself can not teach them. The pottery and paper folding is great, and the steel drums are one of Taylor's things to do. Thank you very much for all you do. Hope to see you next year, from Gabby and Taylor.- Kathy
Devan said he had a fear of being high and he got over that climbing up about 40 foot it was awesome in his words…
Making new friends and learning  things with art and music was the best thing that happen to me this summer. I loved camp sharing my time with other kids age .Peter . never got to do anything like that before and hope I can do it again next year.  
The boys both were excited about the classes they took and the free time, Micheal loved the horses, fishing, swimming, hiking. and of course playing the drums. Devan needs to open up more and camp helped him on his confidence. I will work on support for next year and I hope we can get help it did them a world of good going to camp and it helps them grow set goals, financial support is very important to this camp for kids that come from a single parent or like me a grandmother raising her grandkids and trying to do the best for them on little money. I was impressed with a great group of kids there at camp. This camp also helps the kids build better character, I know it helped my kids. They loved the experience of all the difference in the music and art classes (like Japan and jazz music) thank you.- Connie
My son JJ loved camp he was very energetic and motivated to share with me all that he learned at FAME camp.  I was the one that had a hard time with it (I cried daily while he was gone) LOL!  JJ said to me, "Mom thanks for not sending me 5 bunk mail in one day."  "All the kids that got 5 or more notes got thrown into the water."  He doesn't know I really wanted to but could not afford it.
I am so happy that he got the opportunity to go to FAME camp and I want commit to sending extra money every time I can to repay the money that was there to help my son attend camp.  I would like to help another kid be able to attend in that way. I also hope JJ is lucky enough to get another Golden Ticket.  He said he would try his best in Art and Music.
Again, thank you so much for the opportunity.
Sincerely, Asenath
You don't know how much it means to our children to be able to attend FAME camp during the summer.  Each year, their appreciation for the fine arts deepens.  They come away from camp week with a greater awareness of their own creativeness and talent in music and art.  They are excited to try new ideas and also to strengthen areas they are already working on in the arts.  They get some of this at their school, but this week at FAME camp really drives it home for them!
They have so many happy memories from camp, and they are not just normal camp "fun times".  They all seemed to be tied to the arts in some way that they experienced.  How great!
We are so grateful to all of the FAME supporters for your contributions to help make this happen for our children.  We see their desired growth each year and look forward to more.  It could not happen for them without your help.  So thank you so much!  It is a true blessing!-  Kristine
Well I don't know about all the other parents and their children but this was the first time that my kids have ever gone to FAME camp and THEY LOVED IT! My girls, Hannah and Rachel Harris, loved every minute of it. It was the first time that they were alone by themselves without me and they had nothing but good things to say about the camp. They enjoyed the new friends they met and they loved the arts, the singing, the dancing, all of it. I would send my kids to FAME camp again. My kids loved it!

- Alisa
FAME camp helped me mainly with my fears and my musical status. Like they helped me conquer my fears of horses and helped me understand more about my instrument. Lots of kids would love to experience what I did and if you stopped this camp it wouldn’t be fair for all the other children who want to enjoy this whole experience.
My story about camp is the day I got rid of my fear of heights, the story is one day I wanted to go on the zipline but I was to afraid to go on it because it was 46ft up in the air and you had to climb up a pole to get up there I was ready to go when suddenly I got scared the people around me kept telling me that I could do it so they started to sing this song it was (faith faith faith just a little bit of faith. Faith, faith, faith just a little bit of faith. you don't need a whole lot unun just give what cha got okay faith faith faith just a little bit of faith) so I gave it a shot and I climbed up that pole like its was nothing but the scary part was that you have to go down so they sang again and I was like a banshee and screamed the whole way down but boy did I enjoy myself. I would love to go to FAME camp next year...!!!-  Sharyla
I think that people should keep giving FAME camp the grants, because it is a camp that is solely dedicated to widening artistic, musical, and theatrical kids. Normal camps don't really pay attention to the stuff we did at FAME camp, and some times schools don't either. FAME camp is full of wonderous experiences, but sometimes, if you're like me, you can't pay for it, so we need financial aid and where does that come from? From people giving FAME grants to help everyone who wants to go!- Emilee, camper
Marisa can be shy, quiet, nervous... Her art (drawing and writing) is how she expresses sometimes... For her to go to a place where everyone LOVES ART really made a difference in her understanding of people, she now understands that she is different but the same as others and that she has things to offer the world and that makes her proud...
I could have never provided that insight to her had she not gone and experienced FAME camp!! When we picked her up from Camp... I admit that a part of me was a little sad... Because my little girl really did a lot of growing up in that short week... Parts of her really, really blossomed and made her father and I very proud!!!
She will definitely return next year, she has already started planning what she wants to share of her talents.-  Jill